Album Tease works better for artist in NYC

An artist at the Spring Break art show in NYC, an auxiliary show as part of the Armory Art Fair is selling these hand made album shirts for $500-$750 dollars. As each is its own individual piece of art, I commend the buyers for understanding and supporting the artist with their purchases. I have been making handmade album t-shirts (in color) for months now, and often don't hear back from interested people, and I am undercharging at a mere $50 for my time, supplies, and art. It makes me happy to wake every day and work on art, astrology, or other projects, but it breaks my heart that I can not get paid for my skills. Thank you to all who have supported me and purchased art over the past year, you've helped to feed me, buy life supplies, and get to a thrift store every now and again. I never dreamed of suffering through such a debilitating time, yet I keep a PMA every day, hoping for the best and believing in myself.