Sharon is a passionate creator of all things. Her favorite hobby is spending time with people. She wrote and believes that “kinship is the only ship to sail into affinity”. She has a passion for love, and loves to love very much. Usually heart-broken, Sharon finds ways to discover herself over and over again by creating new works of art. As an artist, she enjoys painting, drawing, sewing, creating and styling costumes, writing (fiction, non-fiction, Astrology, and poetry). She thinks. She dreams her way through life. She enjoys complete organization and planning ahead. Always focused on the prize, she works within her means and strives to surpass her own expectations.

In her works, Sharon tries to create images that people can relate to. Costumes that stand out, celebrities or albums that are familiar to the hoi polloi; things that anyone can enjoy, laugh about, and talk about later.

Sharon isn’t just all business and romance, but a stand up comedian, an animal lover, a wanderer, and a friend for hire.

Her Story:

Sharon was born on February 4, 1980 to her parents who raised her to believe in herself, to stay true to herself, to work hard; not to judge, to accept, to forgive, and to truly love, like that of God's nature. She has never had an enemy, only misuses the word "hate", and though she has struggled through life's hardships, she remains with a Positive Mental Attitude. She has the best friends and family and little Dog (Vladdie) that this world can offer. 

She is currently making her #albumtease shirts and helping artists with special needs power through life. She resides in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. She is struggling with her eyesight, but only because she doesn't want to wear glasses and is afraid of contacts. Still fashionable, Sharon would like to expose herself as often as possible. Please contact for hangs or dates. 


"I am he as you are he as you are me, and we are all together" -The Beatles